5 Amazing Gift Ideas for Readers and Bookworms in 2021

Shopping for gifts can be tough, and sometimes you want to give something other than the usual chocolates or perfume. If the person you’re thinking of is a bookworm, here are some amazing ideas for book-themed gifts that they will love.

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1. A Themed Bookmark: $9.00~$39.00

Any fan of paperbacks needs a bookmark, and a themed one in a franchise they love will be a special gift they’ll love for years and years. Is your friend a Gryffindor at Hogwarts? Fighting in the Hunger Games? Or would they like characters from Game of Thrones tucked into their latest read?

Harry Potter crest bookmark collection, $39 on Amazon

2. Umbra Floating Bookshelf Set – $39.99~

Get it on Amazon

Book lovers will adore these “invisible bookshelves” by Umbra. They stick anywhere on your wall and are ideal for people who don’t have a lot of space but love showing their books off around their room. This set of three can come in small or large size.

Image from Wayfair

3. Postcards from Penguin: 100 Book Covers in One Box – $25.00

Get it on Amazon

This is a lovely gift for writers and readers alike. Each cover has a story and a meaning behind it. These postcards can be hung on the wall for inspiration or even mailed to other book lovers. It’s ideal for people who love to decorate their home with bookish accessories.

4. Amazon Gift Card – $10.00~

Get it on Amazon

A huge percentage of book sales are from Amazon, and your friend will adore a gift card. Ten dollars can buy several ebooks and keep them happy for weeks! Spruce up the gift with a gift box or send it electronically. It’s the perfect gift if you’re really stumped on what to get them.

Git cards can be sold physically or by email, making it a handy gift for if you can’t meet in person.

5. Reading Light – $21.99

Get it on Amazon

Bookworms love reading in the dark, and this clip-on reading light by LEPOWER is perfect for desks, tables, and books. It has both a white light and a warm light and the brightness can be adjusted.

Any fan of reading would love this thoughtful gift and no doubt use it all the time, not only for reading but other desk activities, too.

Any avid reader would adore the above gifts! Go above and beyond this Christmas and give them something they truly deserve.

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