Spoiler-Free Book Review: “Diamond Stained” by JMD Reid

I’ve read some of JMD Reid’s work before and was excited to see he had a new fantasy series out. Diamond Stained is the first in his five-part series Secret of the Jewels.

To escape his dark mistakes…

…Obhin must wield his magical blade again!

Life has gone wrong for Obhin. Once a respected palace guard, now he sells his sword as a bandit. Trapped by his mistakes, he has no hope.

Until one young woman sees more in him.

Avena, passionate and headstrong, has no patience for bullies. Dedicated to healing, she struggles to escape her own bleak past. In Obhin, she sees a chance for them both to escape.

In Kash, a city of poverty and vice, the two must find trust in the other to protect those they care about. Dark sorcerers, underworld crime bosses, and brutal bandits scheme to use and destroy them.

Can they polish clean their stained souls?

Obhin is a disgraced warrior, Avena a compassionate healer with her own dark past. They’re thrown together when a band of thugs are after the Recorder, a discovery made by Avena and her teacher, Dualayn, in the ruins of a lost, underground city. Obhin is running from his past guilt, but can he forgive himself and accept that he’s deserving of love? Can Avena help her city and protect her and Dualayn’s work? Can they both forgive themselves and move on from their mistakes?

As with his The Storm Below books, JMD shows his fantastic world-building in a land with magical swords, colours that represent religious virtues, and jewels that are used for technology. The Assassin’s Remorse was the first ever book of his that I read and it’s set in the same world.

I love the jewels and their functions, which range from producing water to producing heat or light to healing. The story is action-packed and flows well, and the city of Kash has dangers and adventure in every corner and alleyway. There are powerful beings, a corrupted church, and heart-stopping action in every chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire series, and you will, too!

Five stars for Diamond Stained!

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