Spoiler-Free Book Review: “The Alehouse Wars” by Michael Evan and JMD Reid

JMD Reid, an author I like, recently collaborated with a new writer, Michael Evan, on his passion project, a satirical fantasy about beer-loving seals fighting walruses. I read this while quick read in a day!

Seals and walruses have never gotten along.

Now they’re going to war over the most precious commodity…


In a far flung future, harbor seals have formed their own society. They work. They play. They love. And they drink beer. Now The walruses want the secret of their foamy brew for themselves.

Led by Bruce Vitelli, they have a dastardly plan that will see the harbor seals broken.

JM, a young harbor seal, is not about to let that happen. But he knows they’ll need help. He goes on a quest to find the one thing that will give his people a fighting chance.

Little does he know the magic he’s about to inspire.

You are going to want to read this fun, satirical fantasy novella for the humorous characters and epic action!

A community of beer-loving seals. Jealous walruses moving in for the kill. A young seal who wants to get to the bottom of it… and if he impresses the girl he likes while he’s at it, it can’t hurt.

The Alehouse Wars is a fun story that doesn’t take itself too seriously, often breaking the fourth wall and addressing the reader with jokes and goofy references. I liked the story a lot: seals who love ale, mafia-like walruses who want to steal the recipe, and the oldest of eight siblings who wants to court the girl of his dreams.

Some parts didn’t make that much sense, but somehow, the whole mood of the story meant that I didn’t really care. So what if the seals have magic? That was super cool, by the way; seals wielding icepick-like swords to level the playing field in the battle, freezing the water before them. There was a grizzled veteran, a cute love interest, and a bossy but loving father, the gripes of a light fantasy I thoroughly enjoyed.

The ending was unexpected, and it made the story a lot less carefree than it had been throughout. However, it was definitely unique and I won’t be forgetting it anytime soon.

If you love fantasy stories about animals, giggle worthy moments, and fast-paced storytelling with good prose, you’ll enjoy The Alehouse Wars!

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