Spoiler-Free Book Review: “Someone Like You” by Izzy Hodder

I saw Izzy Hodder on a writers’ podcast and decided to check out her debut, Someone Like You, a story about a British teenage girl who finds out she’s pregnant.

What do you do when you’re 17 and you find out you’re pregnant? How do you tell your friends, your family? How do you decide what to do?

Meet Amy. Amy is your neighbour, your friend, your cousin, Amy is just like someone you know.

When Amy is 17, she finds out she is pregnant. This turns her seemingly average life upside down. In her final year of school and trying to figure out where to go next with her life, Amy must make a decision that, no matter what, will stay with her forever.

Someone Like You tells the story of seventeen-year-old Amy in modern-day London who finds out that she’s pregnant. At first, she’s horrified and doesn’t know what to do. She always thought that girls who got pregnant slept around, and it’s hard for her to hide her prejudices at first at her support group, though she soon realises she’s wrong.

The story explores themes such as friendship, jealousy, eating disorders, and other common issues teens go through as well as the main storyline of Amy’s pregnancy and her decisions. The writing style was nice, written in the first person with some very believable thought processes.

My only critique is that the book could do with some editing. There were many typos and grammatical errors that the publisher should have picked up on. That being said, Someone Like You is an interesting and believable story with some modern perspectives and an exploration of the theme of pregnancy and its options.

3.5/5 stars for Someone Like You by Izzy Hodder!

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