An Interview with Caroline Rainsford, Self-Help Author

Today I interviewed Caroline Rainsford, a non-fiction author whose Health and Weight Management Teachings From the East was released in April 2021. We had a chat about some of her hobbies and learned more about her work.

Hi, Caroline! Thanks for talking with me today. Tell us about your new book release.

My new book, Health and Weight Management Teachings From the East, was released on 25th April 2021. It is about how you can heal through healthy nutrition, meditation, simple Qi Gong exercises, Tai chi, taking care of your emotional health, visualisation and self care. It’s especially helpful for building immunity and the stress of working from home with COVID lockdowns, gym closures, irregular eating times and home schooling. It is also useful for anyone who has had COVID-19 showing how to strengthen your Qi (energy flow) and how to recover from post-COVID symptoms of fatigue, muscle pain, insomnia, and mood swings.

It sounds like it’d be useful for those lookng to improve their health, which is of course something we should all be doing! Let’s talk about reading. What’s the first book you ever remember reading?

The Secret Island by Enid Blyton.

A fellow Enid Blyton fan, that’s awesome! I love her Adventure series and all her boarding school books. So what inspired you to start writing?

I’ve always loved reading, but I’m passionate about ways to improve health, so I am an avid reader of self-help and health books. I worked in a bookshop for a while and that really got me hooked! I used to practice Tai chi in my early twenties and took it up again along with Qi Gong and a healthy diet to help some health issues and it worked. Now I write about it!

It’s great you’ve found a way to use your experiences to help others! Who is your main inspiration?

The author Napoleon Hill, who wrote about positive mindsets and visualisation.

Sounds like your kind of guy! It’s so important to read in your genre, no matter what kinds of books you write. Aside from writing, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Walking, reading, Tai chi and taking beautiful outdoor images for my instagram.

Great, I’ll be sure to link that into the interview so our readers can check out your pictures. So please tell me about your writing space. Where do you usually write?

In the corner of my room, beside a window. I find routine helps!

Excellent! What kind of weather makes you feel inspired?

I love writing when the sun’s shining, but sometimes I get so engrossed I don’t notice the weather until I go outside!

I see! Are you a morning or night person? What time of day do you prefer to sit and write?

I like to get started about 8am and write in the morning only!

A fellow morning person! I agree that the morning is the best time to write. You can finish all your writing before lunch and then have the rest of the day to yourself. Do you plan out your books or are you a pantser (making it up as you go along)?

So far, I’ve only written a nonfiction book, but I’m planning to write a fiction book next! I tend to visualise what I want to create and write a rough draft of my planned chapters, although they can change along the way!

What’s your favourite book genre? Do you write in that genre?

Nonfiction, but I read fiction too!

It’s great to have a variety of reading material. Tell me your top three favourite books of all time. You can’t say your own!

The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman VincentPeale, The Gift by Edith Eger, and A Gift For You by Patricia Scanlon.

Thank you! Have you ever read a book that changed your life?

The Power of Positive Thinking. It makes you believe that anything is possible if you have faith and believe that you can do it! It is important to remember this whether you’re climbing a mountain, running a marathon, or writing a book!

That’s a great mindset to have! Imagine what we could all accomplish if we believed in ourselves more. OK, something unrelated to writing! If you could go on a date with any celebrity, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Paul Newman. He was a great actor and philanthropist. He started a range of food products and donated the profits to charitable causes.

He sounds charming! Where can we find out more about you?

My Instagram is @chihealthcarolinerainsford
Or you can check out my blog
Amazon Author Page

Thank you for chatting with me today, Caroline!

Check out Caroline Rainsford’s Health and Weight Management: Teachings From the East on Amazon US
Check out Caroline Rainsford’s Health and Weight Management: Teachings From the East on Amazon UK


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