5 Websites Where You Can Get Free Ebooks

Who doesn’t love free books?

Ebooks have transformed the way we read, and though many people still prefer paperbacks and hardbacks, there’s no doubt that the ebook industry has revolutionized the way we read. One great part of this is that it’s super easy to get books cheaply or even free!

If you’re a book lover and you’re never seen without your Kindle or e-reader, this article is for you! Here are legitimate websites and ways to get free ebooks.

1. BookSprout

BookSprout is brimming with authors looking to give their books away for free in exchange for honest reviews. You can have the book emailed to you, download it directly from the website, or sent to your Kindle. You can search by genre if you like, or look for a specific title or author.

The only catch is that you have to leave a review. If you’re happy to write a few words of feedback afterwards, BookSprout is a great way to get your hands on new releases (and the authors will love you for it!)

2. Amazon

If you’re one of millions of people who buys their books on Amazon, you’ve got to check out their free ebooks page. There are always free promotions on! You can search by language, and you can search keywords such as the genre in the search bar to narrow down your search.

3. Author Groups on Facebook

Authors LOVE readers who are happy to read their book, even if it’s for free! You might have to write a review in return, but you’re sure to find something if you post the genre and themes you’re interested in. Some of these groups include:

4. BookBub

BookBub is a great website for both readers and writers. On their website, you can create an account and sign up for their newsletter (you can change whether to receive these emails daily, weekly, or never) with deals on ebooks that are free or nearly free.

Their site is easy to use and you can select the genre. There are also book deals from big and famous authors as well as bestsellers.

5. Free-Ebooks

Just by signing up to Free-Ebooks, you can get five free books a month straight to your email. You can also browse by category and choose which format in which you’d like to download your book.

Reading is a marvelous hobby, and even better when you can do it for free! If you can spare a short review on Amazon and Goodreads to say “thank you” to the author, then even better!


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