An Interview with Amber Naralim, Paranormal/Grimdark Fantasy Author

Today I had a chat with paranormal author Amber Naralim, whose book Aching Silver I very much enjoyed!

Hi, Amber! Thanks for talking with me today. Tell us about your new book release.

Into the Black dropped this month. It is the third book in my Monsters series. Ellie managed to free her brother from the Foundation’s clutches, but she set all their experiments loose in the process and has to hunt them down.
This book delves into Vincent’s past, and the time he spent as one of their test subjects. And unfortunately Ellie’s brother turns out to be not as saved as she might have thought.

Sounds fascinating, and the cover is gorgeous as well! What’s the first book you ever remember reading?

Bunnicula. It is awesome. It’s about a vampire bunny rabbit. I highly recommend it even as an adult. I made sure each of my kids read the series.

It sounds like your type of book! What inspired you to start writing?

My therapist. I used to be a painter. Alas, a car accident and ensuing health problems messed up the nerves in my neck and I couldn’t do it any more. That made me super depressed. So she suggested journaling. I couldn’t write what I was feeling directly, so I couched it in fiction. It helped. Vincent’s torture was me coming to grips with years of doctor visits and hospital stays.

Wow, that’s awful you had to give up painting, but it’s good that you could discover a new creative talent in writing. Could you tell me your main inspiration?

I don’t have an answer to this. That probably says all kinds of things about who I am as a person. I do try to find one beautiful thing a day. It could be the brightness of someone’s smile, or the way sunlight dapples through a leaf and changes the colors at the edges. Something that makes the day a little better.

What a lovely answer! Aside from writing, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I still love to paint, I’m just no where as good or fast as I used to be. I also enjoy quilting.

You’re a super creative person, and I’m glad you can still paint somewhat. Tell me about your writing space. Where do you usually write?

My living room. I get up extra early and steal the moments while everyone else is asleep. Generally, my little ink splotch, Kohl (my cat) fights my computer for lap space.

Haha, I’ve heard cats like to do that! I suppose the last question answered this, but are you a morning or night person? What time of day do you prefer to sit and write?

You know, I really am a night person. But the only time I generally get to write is morning. I make myself a cup of caramel tea and dive in while the rest of the world sleeps.

Yum! Enormous respect to you, especially if you’re actually a night person! Do you plan out your stories or are you a pantser (making it up as you go along)?

I started as a pantser. But I found I’m really slow when I leave my imagination to its own devices. Not that I am fast by any stretch of the word when I plot, but it helps a little with clock management. I make lists of all the scenes that absolutely need to be in there. I have a beginning and an end. I tend to swim between the tent poles.

Sounds very organised! Definitely important, especially when you’re writing a series. What’s your favourite book genre? Do you write in that genre?

I love a little bit of everything. Trying to choose a favorite book is like trying to tell you my favorite song. I have 48 hour playlists.

Nothing wrong with that! My playlist has a mixture of Disney songs and thrash metal too haha! Tell me your top three favourite books of all time.

Jingo by Terry Pratchet, Watchers by Dean Koontz, and Shapes by Steve Vance.

Great choices! Have you ever read a book that changed your life?

Yeah. All of them. Each book highlights a new thought or a new concept, they point out beauty, or the hidden darkness you didn’t know was there. Or maybe you did, but the author spins it just enough to shine new light on it. Either way… mind blown.

I agree! You can often gain wisdom or new perspectives, no matter what the book is about. That’s a great attitude to have. Who is your favourite book character who you’ve created?

Vincent is my first love. He came to me willingly, and shared shining little hints about himself when I absolutely needed him, and I still love him today.

What a dreamboat! What’s your latest book about?

I am currently working on the third book in my second series, House of Wolves. This series is all about Vampire/ Werewolf wars, witches, and a prophecy thrown in for good measure. Izobel gets pulled into the savage politics of the werewolves trying to keep her sister’s secret.

Sounds amazing for fans of the paranormal genre. OK, something unrelated to writing! If you could go on a date with any celebrity, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Okay, don’t tell my husband, but I have had a crush on John Cusack since I was nine. Just saying. I love his voice. He’s funny. I love a guy who can make me laugh.

He’s great in 1408! I totally get the attraction! Where can we find out more about you?

You can find me on
My Facebook page
My Twitter

Thank you so much!

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