Spoiler-Free Book Review: “Entriss Online (Watson’s Worlds Book 1)” by David J. Pedersen

I’ve read some of David Pedersen’s work before, namely his fantasy series Angst, a humorous series about a middle-aged wannabe knight. I was thrilled to see he had a new series out in his newsletter, and after reading the blurb, I decided to give it a go.

Entriss Online (Watson’s Worlds Book 1) by David J. Pedersen

They were shutting down Entriss Online, and Ian had no way to stop them. The game was his life — by day, as one of their lead developers; by night, gaming as the accomplished Mandorf the Wizard. After years of leveling up, both professionally and personally, everything he had worked for was going to end. His goggles-and-gloves virtual reality MMORPG was being replaced with Everyworld Online, a next-gen game that provided full immersion so players could experience a world that looks and feels real.

After stumbling on an unknown quest that kills anyone who approaches, Ian discovers an enormous amount of orphaned code that had never made it into the game. Moments before being fired, he checks in the code, enabling The Left Hand of God quest chain, an unexpected world event, and the frightening reality of a fully immersive Entriss Online.

If you enjoy VR LitRPG fantasies with a unique premise, surprising twists, and some good laughs, then you’ll love Entriss Online.

This book is hilarious! As is common with Pedersen’s work, the main character, Ian AKA Mandorf the Wizard, is the nerdy, bumbling, but lovable type. Entriss Online is is whole life, and losing it would be like losing a piece of himself. Some of the story is in the real world, others him playing the game.

Pedersen did a lot of research into the world of online gaming. As a huge fan of Dungeons and Dragons and fantasy MMORPGs, this book was right up my street. It’s great seeing how his writing has developed over the years, and as always he brought laugh-out-loud humour that makes the characters so endearing. The story was interesting, too, though some of the lore was tricky to follow.

If you enjoy video games, particularly online games, nerdy references (oh, there were so many funny nerdy references!), an author with a sense of humour and great prose, check out Entriss Online, which I give four and a half stars!

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