Chanya: A Black Diamond Origin Story is Now Available for 99 Cents!

The latest in the gripping Black Diamond Origin Stories series is here.

Chanya is a valued assassin in the Black Diamond’s guild of mercenaries and spies. But what of her life before?

Saved from the noose at the last moment, Chanya is conscripted to a battalion marching to war. But their leader, General Thitus, insists on a perilous route through the freezing mountains.

Chanya and her fellow conscripts wonder if they are going the war at all. What is General Thitus planning? What awaits them in this icy wasteland? Why won’t he turn back, even when soldiers starve and freeze around them?

Discover Chanya’s gripping origin story, set twelve years before Oath, and her journey from a doomed drug addict to an assassin hardened to steel.

Just 99 cents or free on Kindle Unlimited!

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Get Chanya on Amazon US
Get Chanya on Amazon UK


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